Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions come up more often than others so we though we would write the most common ones here to hopefully answer most of your questions. For the rest, feel free to contact us!


This is by far the most popular question and the answer is pretty straight forward. The application works with ADX and XDF file which are pretty well known in the GM community as they are used with TunerPro tuning software. If you're already familiar with TunerPro, you know about these files and you might already have them. If that's the case, you're all set. If not, you might still be in luck. You will have to look for ADX file (for data logging) or XDF file (for tuning) on your respective car forums. Some forums specialized in tuning such as GearHead EFI or PCM Hacking might have these files you're after.
The application was build and tested on a somewhat old HTC One V phone to make sure that the app is fast even on older device running older OS. Technically, the app can run on older phone just fine. You will need either USB host mode or Bluetooth capability to connect to your ECU for data logging. Most phone will have the Bluetooth capability these days and even USB host mode is getting more common than not so it should be no problem but just watch out for that.
For GM vehicles:
  • For data logging purposes, I highly suggest you contact my friend John at 1320 Eletronics.
  • If you want to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) your own ALDL to Bluetooth adapter, give this document by Matthias Straub a read and you will be able to build your own!
  • For tuning purposes, I highly suggest you contact my friend Craig at Moates.